Mike Nixon leads a life dedication to service... and to adventure.

For 14 years, Mike traveled the world, visiting over 30 countries. He has studied in the Dominican Republic, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, worked for an NGO in Nicaragua, and was stationed in Japan as a U.S. Navy Sailor. Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Mike grew up in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Learn more about becoming a world traveler from Mike in his debut book, Life Travel And The People In Between! 

"An insightful, feel-good travel memoir that shows how following your passion can change your life."

- Independent Book Review

"Like a peek inside a friend's bedside journal, the narrative—unvarnished and revealing—explores the depths and shallows of the writer's character with equal aplomb. Nixon's voice is raw, real, and relatable."

- Christine Herbert, Author of The Color of the Elephant

Through Mike's eyes, I saw humanity at its best. It was genuinely refreshing to see people in the way that Mike showed them, which could very well rekindle a reader's faith in humanity. Perhaps this might be one of the most profound lessons from this book — people matter."

- OnlineBookClub