Life Travel And The People In Between

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Nixon’s journey around the globe begins at the Comfort Inn in Norfolk, VA, where he worked after high school and where “the world first came to [him]. Meeting thousands of guests from far-flung locales stirred in him the feeling that “everyone’s experiences and purpose overshadowed what I was doing.” So, encouraged to abandon his comfort zone, he took on a study abroad program in the Dominican Republic which catapulted the next decade of his life around the world. Nixon recounts joining the Peace Corps after college, being stationed in Paraguay, and finding a job in Nicaragua planning school trips, and finally joining the Navy, where he was stationed in Japan and traveled around the greater part of southeast Asia. 

His travel stories range from hilarious, such as being accidentally poisoned by ingesting a venomous scorpion, to heartwarming, such as inspiring a group of kids in Paraguay to place in national business competitions. Around the world, he was often the only Black man in the room–at times, perhaps, the only one in some cities, a reality that Nixon discusses with frank insight and wit, as when he describes being routinely asked about American celebrities :“Had I been related to The Fresh Prince, my black ass would’ve been trying to get a role in a movie instead of passing out surveys in rural Paraguay.” 

The stories jump around some within a general chronological structure, but the path to Nixon finding his true passion never wavers. Each new city scratched off the map offers an opportunity for growth that makes it clear how he grew from a desk clerk dreaming about the world to a seasoned globetrotter savvy about work visas and how to ride an elephant. The vivid descriptions and accounts of engaging conversations will encourage readers to leave behind their comfort zone and leave them wanting to explore everything the world has to offer. 

Takeaway: Nixon’s eclectic mix of trave; stories will inspire dreams of exploring the cultures of the world.

Great for fans of: Torre DeRoche’s Love With a Chance of Drowning, Cheryl Strayed’s Wild

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: B