Review of Life Travel And The People In Between

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[Following is an official review of “Life Travel And The People In Between” by Mike Nixon.]

In Life Travel And The People In Between, Mike Nixon narrated the stories of his travels around the world. Mike was from the state of Missouri, and his father had joined the Navy when he was a boy. As a result, his family moved around a lot. Mike desired to be an actor, but this desire soon shifted to being a chef. Later on, he decided to work in the hospitality industry. After high school, Mike started work as a front desk representative at Comfort Inn. The job gave him a front-row view of different people from different backgrounds, an adventure for introverted Mike. Mike’s life started to take a more exciting turn at Norfolk State University, where he was a business major. However, there was still more waiting for him. Read the book to know more about Mike’s adventures.

The author’s narration wasn’t a lengthy, in-depth exploration of his experiences, but it was enough to capture the author’s enjoyment of his sojourns. The storytelling wasn’t endearing at first because it seemed like many ‘prosaic enjambments’ were going on. Some of the accounts of the people he met or events that occurred were not chronological, like the account of how he and Andrei became friends. Readers may need a read-over to grasp the order of some of these events. Fortunately, the latter part of the story made up for this with a humorous and exciting narration.

Through Mike’s eyes, I saw humanity at its best. From Sean, Mike’s buddy who inspired his sojourns, the free-hearted Gloria, the warmth of Señora Lucia, the kindness of his friends, Emily, Danny, and ‘Navy Mom,’ and the undemanding love of Susan, Emily’s mother, I saw it all. It was genuinely refreshing to see people in the way that Mike showed them, which could very well rekindle a reader’s faith in humanity. Perhaps this might be one of the most profound lessons from this book — people matter. 

Life Travel And The People In Between was a travel guide, as the author carried readers through diverse world cultures. The author’s accounts were authentic and honest. The footnotes in the book were also helpful guides, and their insightful explanations went a long way in bringing some aspects of the book into better perspective.

The book was an easy read, and I enjoyed Mike’s stories. This book would be appreciated by readers who are travelers and those who would love to travel the world someday. With only a few errors, it would be safe to say that the book was exceptionally edited. I’d rate Life Travel And The People In Betweenfour out of four stars